Below you will find information on nearly all of our team members! Feel free to reach out to any of them with the contact information provided.

Executive Board

Amy Baer '19, Captain

Austin Haag '20, Captain

Grant "Trash" Glover '19, Treasurer

Kyle Doyle '20, Fundraising

Graham Eger '19, Club Sports and Travel

Connor Goulet '21, Sailing Development

Sofia Gambini '18, Communications


Team Members

Anna Wisotzkey '19, Crew

Axel Steinmetz “Big Ax” '20, Skipper and Crew

Ben Goldstein '20, Skipper and Crew

Claire Foley '20, Crew

DJ Litts '20, Skipper

Jimmy Clarke '20, Skipper and Crew

Maggie Carroll '21, Crew

Matt Greydanus '19, Skipper

Matt Moores '21, Crew

Max Ellsworth '21, Skipper and Crew

Murphy Vandervest '21, Crew

Nate Kane '19, Skipper

Pat Ryan '20, Skipper and Crew

"Weatherman" Sam Ephraim '21, Crew

Sarah Lenhart Silvestri ‘19, Crew

Sarah Youtt (S Dawg) '21, Skipper

Will Neubauer (Noober) '20, Skipper


Adam Cooper '21, Skipper and Crew

Allison Marozza '21, Skipper

Ambi Agrawal '20, Crew

Andrew Wang, Crew

Anika Szuszman, Crew

August "Auggie" Strum '20, Skipper

Garret McQuiston '20, Crew

Jake Orhan '21, Crew

Jamie McCellean '21, Skipper and Crew

Jack Gagnon '21, Skipper and Crew

Krishna Saraf, Crew

Lily Slyvester '20, Crew

Mo Morcca '19, Crew

Nick Daniels '21, Crew

Sierra Johnston '21, Crew

Sohum Mehta '20, Crew



Max Caballero

  • Crew for Coast Guard Academy '14

  • Dual Masters Degree candidate in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering and Industrial Operations Engineering


Nathan Stevens

  • Sailed for Yale University ‘11

  • Masters of Business Administration candidate in the Stephen M. Ross School of Business