Team Race Nationals

Michigan competed in Newport at the LaserPerformance Team Race National Championship. See full scores here.



  • Jenna Probst (‘22)

  • Harrison George (‘22)

  • Connor Goulet (‘21)

  • Will Neubauer (‘20)


  • Maggie Carroll (‘21)

  • Kristen Picard (‘21)

  • Sarah Silvestri (‘19)

  • Jake Orhan (‘21)


Racing began on Saturday with a 5-7 knot Southerly breeze. Throughout the day, the breeze built and ended with full-on hiking. The second day had similar conditions. Our young team struggled against the well-trained best teams in the country and went winless after the first day. However, our team quickly learned from day one and was able to take home a win against the University of Wisconsin on Sunday. Wolverines ended up in 16th place. Our team gained valuable team racing experience and are excited to continue practicing!

Photo by Rob Migliaccio

Photo by Rob Migliaccio