Regatta Report: Southern New England Team Race & St. Mary's Women's Interconference


SNETR team pic.jpeg

Southern New England Team Race


  • Connor Goulet (‘21)

  • Will Neubauer (‘20)

  • Grant Glover (‘19)


  • Sarah Silvestri (‘19)

  • Claire Foley (‘20)

  • Julia Sommerfeld (‘22)

  • Brendan Doyle (‘22)


St. Mary’s Women’s Interconference

A Fleet:

  • Jenna Probst (‘22)

  • Maggie Carroll (‘21)

B Fleet:

  • Allison Marozza (‘21)

  • Anna Wisotzkey (‘19)


The Southern New England Team Race started Saturday off with a westerly breeze. RC finished Round 1 with a strong breeze. Quickly after beginning Round 2, the breeze started getting very shifty. The unpredictable breeze resulted in many capsizes and auto tacks which made RC decide to end for the day. Sunday started with a N/NW breeze. RC finished 80% of Round 2 resulting in 18 races total. The Wolverines learned a lot and improved throughout the weekend.

St Mary’s Women’s Interconference also had strong wind on Saturday. The breeze was a shifty 14-18 knots which allowed RC to get 10 races off. Our sailors worked through the trying conditions and improved throughout the day. B Fleet won a race! Sunday started off slower. After a 3 hour delay, sailors finally hit the water. A strong breeze quickly filled in and RC got another 4 races off.

Regatta Report: Eckerd Interconference


Wolverines 1

  • A Fleet

    • Connor Goulet

    • Claire Foley

  • B Fleet

    • Will Neubauer

    • Anna Wisotzkey

Wolverines 2

  • A Fleet

    • Jenna Probst

    • Maggie Carroll

  • B Fleet

    • Sarah Youtt

    • Kristen Picard


We sent two teams to compete at Eckerd. On Saturday, the breeze was up and down ranging from 4-10 knots. For many of our sailors, this was the first regatta of the season. As the day progressed, our sailors knocked off some rust and sailed stronger. A Fleet completed 8 races, while B Fleet only completed 6.

On Sunday, the breeze was much lighter. After an hour postponement, B fleet went out and finished races 7 and 8. After more delays, each fleet raced three more races. Despite the challenging breeze, both teams had some very good races and the wolverines won two races. Overall, Michigan ended up in 9th and 11th.

Regatta Report: Phebe Corkran King Women's Regatta


  • A Fleet:

    • Jenna Probst (‘22)

    • Maggie Carroll (‘21)

  • B Fleet:

    • Sarah Youtt (‘21)

    • Sarah Silvestri (‘19)


Four women sailors traveled to Charleston, South Carolina to compete in our first dinghy regatta of the season. Saturday morning, there was a steady 5-8 knot breeze from the North East. A fleet completed four races and B fleet completed three before the wind died and boats were left drifting in the current. After a quick lunch break, the sea breeze filled in and boats were sent back out to continue racing. Despite the lighter breeze and strong current, race committee completed all 10 races on Saturday, allowing teams to go home early. Wolverines ended up in 7th overall.

Regatta Report: Southern Collegiate Offshore Regatta


  • Kyle Doyle (‘20) - Skipper

  • Graham Eger (‘19) - Main Trim

  • Max Ellsworth (‘21) - Bow

  • Jake Orhan (‘21) - Primary Trim

  • Murphy Vandervest (‘21) - Secondary

  • Braden DeLaney (‘22) - Mast

  • Nathan Kane (‘19) - Pit

  • Connor Stadler (‘22) - Grind

  • Brendan Doyle (‘22) - Float


On Saturday, the regatta started off with a great southwest wind ranging from 8-16 knots. Michigan competed in A Division against four other schools. With the good wind, they were able to get five races off. Wolverines best race of the day was a third.

On Sunday, the breeze was much lighter coming out of the northeast. After some shortened courses and delays, they managed to get two races in. Wolverines learned a lot from the varying wind conditions and had a lot of fun. Overall, the team got fifth.

Michigan Sailors at MCSA Midwinters

We sent Sarah Youtt (Co-Captain), Kyle Doyle (Co-Captain), Amy Baer (past Captain), Jake Orhan (Sailing Development Chair), Max Ellsworth (Treasurer) to represent our team at the MCSA Midwinters! The weekend was filled with meeting other teams, regatta selection, MCSA elections, and award ceremonies. Here are some of our team’s updates!

First, congratulations to the eight sailors recognized by the MCSA as All-Conference Sailors & Honorable Mentions!

Amy Baer, Jake Orhan, Kyle Doyle, Max Ellsworth, and Sarah Youtt at MCSA Midwinters

Amy Baer, Jake Orhan, Kyle Doyle, Max Ellsworth, and Sarah Youtt at MCSA Midwinters

Connor Goulet - Skipper

Jenna Probst - Skipper

Mason Wolters - Skipper

Lane Tobin - Skipper

August Sturm - Skipper

Mike Gapuz - Crew

Anna Wisotzkey - Crew

Margaret Carroll - Crew

Also, congratulations to our Sailing Development Chair Jake Orhan on being elected to the MCSA Executive Board as Clinic Coordinator!

The team was also recognized for winning Team Race and Coed Quals last year.

Finally, our regattas for the spring season are finalized! This is where we will be competing this season:

2/15-17 Southern Collegiate Offshore Regatta - College of Charleston

2/23-24 Phebe Corckran King Regatta - College of Charleston

3/2-3 Eckerd Coed Regatta - Eckerd College

3/16-17 Southern New England Team Race - Connecticut College

3/16-17 St. Mary’s Women’s Regatta - St. Mary’s College of Maryland

3/23-24 Freshman Icebreaker - Notre Dame

4/6-7 Big Ten Team Race - University of Michigan

4/6-7 Laker Showdown - GVSU/Hope College

4/6-7 Buckeye Interconference - Ohio State University

4/13-14 Team Race Quals - University of Michigan

4/20-21 Women’s Quals - Northwestern University

4/20-21 Wisco Two Division - University of Wisconsin

4/27-28 Coed Quals - University of Michigan

5/4-5 NU Spring - Northwestern University

Regatta Report: John F. Kennedy Cup


  • Grant Glover (‘19) - Skipper

  • Graham Eger (‘19) - Main Trim

  • Matt Greydanus (‘19) - Bow

  • Kyle Doyle (‘20) - Primary Trim

  • August Sturm (‘20)- Secondary/ Tactician

  • Max Ellsworth (‘21) - Mast

  • Garrett McQuinston (‘20) - Pit

  • Jake Orhan (‘21) - Float


On Saturday morning, the gray, rainy weather cleared up and a strong northwesterly breeze filled in. The wind was gusting up to thirty knots, so spinnakers and genoas were restricted and the mains were reefed. These restrictions were in effect for all four races that were sailed on the first day.

On Sunday, the wind was a light easterly. Due to the dying wind, only one race was sailed the second day. The Wolverines got third place in the race that was sailed the second day. Overall, the team got ninth place.

Regatta Report: Wisco Women's


  • A Fleet:

    • Allison Marozza (‘21)

    • Murphy Vandervest (‘21)

  • B Fleet:

    • Sarah Youtt (‘21)

    • Kristen Picard (‘21)


Four sailors from the women’s team traveled to Madison, Wisconsin this weekend for Wisco Women’s. On Saturday, the wind was 20 gusting 40 knots with chop, so races were postponed for safety reasons. 

On Sunday, two rotations were set off in breeze of about 15 knots. The wind was coming from the south, so there were very apparent gusts filling in from either side of the course. Overall, A Fleet finished in second place, one point behind Wisconsin, and B Fleet finished in first place. The team achieved first place overall at the regatta. 

Written by: S. Youtt (‘21)

Regatta Report: David Lee Arnoff Trophy


IMG_3987 2.jpeg
  • A Fleet

    • Harrison George (‘22)- Skipper

    • Kristen Picard (‘21)- Crew

  • B Fleet

    • Sherman Thompson (‘22)- Skipper

    • Brendan Doyle (‘22)- Crew


Four sailors from the Michigan Sailing coed team traveled to Hobart and William Smith Colleges to compete in the David Lee Arnoff Trophy. On Saturday, the sailors competed in fifteen races in 10-12 knots of breeze. On Sunday, the remaining eleven races were sailed in 10-14 knots with light chop. The team got ninth overall out of thirteen teams. A fleet came in eighth place and B fleet came in tenth place.

Written by: S. Youtt (‘21)

Regatta Report: Small Keelboat Scrimmage


  • Grant Glover (‘19)- Skipper

  • Max Ellsworth (‘21)- Foredeck

  • Allison Engkvist (‘22)- Pit

  • Murphy Vandervest (‘21)- Trim



Four sailors went to the Naval Academy for the Small Keelboat Scrimmage this weekend, October 13-14. They sailed Colgate 26’s against eight other teams. On Saturday, the wind was an average of fifteen knots with gusts up to twenty knots, and for some of the races the team did not use a spinnaker. At the end of the first day, eight races were sailed and Michigan was tied for first place. On Sunday, the wind was too light to sail in, so the races were canceled. The Wolverines ended up in second place in the tiebreaker.

Written by: S. Youtt (‘21)

Regatta Report: Women's Showcase Finals


  • A Fleet:

    • Jenna Probst (‘22)- Skipper

    • Sofia Gambini (‘18)- Crew

  • B Fleet:

    • Sarah Youtt (‘21)- Skipper

    • Maggie Carrol (‘21)- Crew


The Michigan Sailing women’s team drove to Boston, Massachusetts to compete in the Women’s Showcase Finals hosted by Boston University and MIT. On Saturday, it was rainy and 50 degrees. The wind on the Charles River ranged from 6-10 knots with shifts coming through the surrounding buildings. A fleet sailed in Fireflies while B fleet sailed in FJ’s, and ten races were sailed in the first day.

The second day, the wind started about 8 knots and increased while shifting West throughout the day. Eight more races were sailed, and the Wolverines finished strong overall in 13th place out of 18 teams. A fleet placed 6th in their division and B fleet placed 14th in their division.

Written by: S. Youtt (‘21)