Regatta Report: First-Year Icebreaker


Michigan Wolverines 2 

  • A Fleet:
    • Skipper - Graham Eger (‘19)
    • Crew - Sierra Johnston (‘21)
    • Crew - Samuel Ephraim (‘21)
  • B Fleet:

    • Skipper - Max Ellsworth (‘21)
    • Crew - Matt Moores (‘21)
    • Crew - Pat Ryan (‘19)
    • Nick Daniel (‘21)

Michigan Wolverines 1

  • A Fleet:
    • Skipper - Allison Marozza (‘21)
    • Crew - Jake Orhan (‘21)
    • Crew - Murphy Vandervest (‘21)


  • B Fleet:
    • Skipper - Sarah Youtt (‘21) 
    • Crew - Maggie Carroll (‘21)
    • Crew - Jack Gagnon (‘21)


M. Carroll ('21) and S. Youtt ('21)

M. Carroll ('21) and S. Youtt ('21)

Over the weekend of March 24-25, thirteen first-year sailors traveled to Notre Dame to compete in the annual First-Year Icebreaker regatta. On Saturday, the temperature was a brisk forty degrees at St. Joseph Lake. The lake had gusts ranging from about 8 to 20 knots and had shifts throughout the course ranging from a few degrees to ninety degrees. A fleet sailed eight races while B fleet sailed six races. The Michigan Wolverines A1 team, skippered by Allison Marozza (‘21),  finished out the day in first place, while the Wolverines B1 fleet, skippered by Sarah Youtt (‘21), finished the first day in second place behind Notre Dame.

Sunday’s weather was slightly warmer with more sunshine and lighter winds in the morning. The wind in the first two rotations was a fairly steady eight knots with gusts up to 12 knots. However, as the day progressed, the wind returned to similar conditions as Saturday. The Wolverines A1 team continued to increase their lead over the rest of the A fleet, while the Wolverines B1 team gained points on Notre Dame throughout the races.

J. Orhan ('21) and A. Marozza ('21)

J. Orhan ('21) and A. Marozza ('21)

During the third B fleet race of the day, Wolverines B1 fouled Notre Dame in a starboard-port situation and completed their penalty turns. During the fourth B fleet race of the day, the Notre Dame B1 team fouled the Wolverines B2 team, skippered by Max Ellsworth (‘21), in a simple windward-leeward situation on the start line and failed to complete their 720. Therefore, M. Ellsworth protested the Notre Dame team.

After the B fleet sailors were off the water, the Notre Dame 1 skipper notified S. Youtt that they were protesting her due to “failure to complete turns soon enough.” Then, Notre Dame A1 team notified A. Marozza that they were protesting her for a windward-leeward foul at the final start, which both A. Marozza and J. Orhan were unaware of committing.

With Notre Dame two points ahead of Wolverines team 1, the ruling in the protest room would determine the winner of the regatta. After pleading their cases, both M. Ellsworth and S. Youtt won their protests, disqualifying Notre Dame B1 team from one of the races. However, A. Marozza was disqualified, as the judge ruled in favor of the Notre Dame A1 team.

In the end, the Wolverines team 1 got second place, with Wolverines A1 (A. Marozza, J. Orhan, and M. Vandervest) winning A fleet, Wolverines B1  (S. Youtt, M. Carroll, and J. Gagnon) getting second place in B fleet, and Wolverines B2 (M. Ellsworth, M. Moores, and P. Ryan) getting third place in B fleet.

Overall, the First-Year Icebreaker regatta was an excellent chance for first-year sailors to kick off the spring season and exercise their knowledge about fleet racing (and protests!).

St. Joseph's Lake

St. Joseph's Lake

Written by S. Youtt ('21)