Wolverines at MCSA Team Race Clinic




  • Maggie Carroll

  • Jake Orhan

  • Kristen Picard

  • Claire Foley

  • Anna Wisotzkey

  • Katerina Siavelis


  • Jenna Probst

  • Connor Goulet

  • Harrison George

  • Will Neubauer

  • Sherman Thompson

  • Grant Glover

  • August Sturm


Wolverines arrived at Grosse Point Yacht Club Saturday morning. After a brief chalk talk, our two team race teams hit the water with three other teams from the MCSA. Although the rain made for some cold weather, the wind was a nice 8-10 knots and our teams were very productive. In the morning, we practiced pass backs and starting. After a lunch break, we practiced many full races.

Sunday’s weather of freezing temperatures and high wind prevented us from sailing. However, we were able learn and answer lots of questions during chalk talks. Our team learned a lot this weekend and is looking forward to our upcoming team race regattas!