Michigan Wins Big Ten Team Race


Wolverines 1

big tens 2.JPG
  • Jenna Probst - Maggie Carroll

  • Connor Goulet - Sarah Silvestri

  • Harrison George - Kristen Picard

Wolverines 2

  • Will Neubauer - Anna Wisotzkey

  • Grant Glover - Julia Sommerfeld

  • Sherman Thompson - Jake Orhan


The regatta started off slow on Saturday. Teams were waiting for wind under postponement until 1:30 in the afternoon. Eventually a small amount of wind allowed for the first flight to be completed. The next flight sailed out and floated around, but the wind did not allow for anymore races.

Sunday’s breeze was again light and shifty, but more promising than the day before. Race committee was able to finish the round robin with 19 more races sailed. Our team enjoyed hosting the regatta and sailing against other Midwest teams. Overall, Michigan sailors took 1st and 3rd place!!

big tens 8.JPG
big tens 3.JPG